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No. 1 treatment against cellulite – aestetical benefits from maderotherapy

Health and beauty come together. The quotes says that beauty comes from inside, which clearly tells us that we need to be healthy to be beautiful. It seems as if one requires the appearance and development of the other.

Having maderotherapy treatments is a great way to get both. In last post we’ve written about the health benefits of maderotherapy which means that if you’ve had it, you’ll be healthy on the inside and beauty comes after it. Maderotherapy is the perfect method for all those who want to get rid of cellulite, fat deposits, shape the body, lift the buttocks up and have perfectly smooth skin in natural and painless way. A piece of wood can do so much good for the human body.

Let’s see how it looks like from the inside. Cellulite and fat deposits are caused by: hormonal changes brought on by aging, improper diet, insufficient water intake and insufficient movement. It is mostly inherited and is more common in women than in men. Combined with a regulated diet, sufficient fluid intake and optimal movement, maderotherapy initiates changes in the body and accelerates the desired results. Maderotherapy massage breaks down deep fat cells together with enlarged superficial fat cells (make the skin bumpy) and pushes them towards the lymphatic system which has fluid in its lymphatic veins. Thanks to maderotherapy massage, fat cells begin to detach from the muscles and mix with this liquid in the lymphatic system, traveling to the excretory system and leaving the body.

It’s important to take 2-3 L any sugar-free liquid (water or any kind of tea with no sugar) per day during the anti-cellulite treatments and help your body (with urination) to get rid of fat cells from the body. All other benefits such as lifting the buttocks, shaping the waist, stretching the skin are done by a specially designed contouring board and the Swedish cup.

Everything written makes perfect sense? Then you are ready to finally get rid of cellulite naturally, painlessly, and be proud of your body. Choose wood for looking good!

Tea Jaksic, Qualified maderothrapist

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