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Boost your immune system – benefits for health from Maderotherapy

If you are one of those who love naturally, then maderotherapy is one hundred percent treatment for you. Let’s find out why.

In addition to completely relaxation effect from maderotherapy, this kind of massage is used in aestetical and health purposes. When we talk about healt we have to know where our health comes from. The answer is from our immunity. Most of us start take care of our immune system when we get sick. It’s time for changes with maderotherapy. This kind of massage strengthens the immune system through lymphatic drainage. When we apply maderotherapy we improve blood circulation and our lymphatic system. Through our lymphatic system our body cleans itself and gets rid of accumulated toxins. If we clean our lymph system and if we improved it, that means we can be healthy all the time.

Some people have problem with excess water in the body (mostly the legs; swollen ankles and waist area). This happens because their lymphatic system is not working properly and does not lead to the redundancy of excess water which then remains accumulated in the body. The movements of with wooden tools that are directed from the end of your legs upwards, in the lymph system’s direction, accelerate it helps regulates the functioning of the lymphatic system and help the water to move and start to redundan of the body through the excretoy system.

At the same time as lymphatic drainage happens, your muscle tones relax, elevate, and firm. Accelerates muscle recovery and relieves pain so muscles become smoother, improves blood flow, break down myogelosis (nodes) and mentaly – relieves stress. Changes doesn’t happen just inside. Maderotherapy firms and tones the skin layers and renew the emulsified layer of the skin. Your skin tone becomes smoother because maderotherapy improves elastin’s, vitamins and collagen’s production which are important for good looking.

We’ve said the whole page of benefits – have you already booked your first treatment?

Tea Jaksic, Qualified maderothrapist

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