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Madera means wood and it comes from Colombia

We live in a modern world full of chemical treatments, beauty equipment, invasive and operative methods. Do you think that somewhere exist a small group of people who prefer non-chemical treatments, non-invasive and non-operative methods? Someone who just want to escape from expensive, painful and unnatural body treatments? Someone who just want natural treatments with organic cosmetics? We are that group of people and we brought something natural in this modern world. We took that from Mother Nature and we are thankful because of it. It’s about wood and it’s thousands of years old.

The history of wood therapy comes from oriental culture, thousands of years ago, where wooden elements have been used for painful muscles treatment. At the end of the 21st century within the current of natural and complementary medicine in Colombia, this technique has been recovered. Perfected wooden elements have been redesigned so they suit the body and its use started being comfortable and effective. Finally discovering the possibilities and benefits of wood therapy in the world of aesthetic makes its way as a natural technique and accessible to all kinds of people.[1]   From madera which means wood, translated from Spanish to English it comes to madero, and together with therapy forms maderotherapy, and from Colombia it extends throughout South America, North America and all over the Europe.

Maderotherapy is a completely natural approach to the human body massage and the difference is that the use of wood achieves lymphatic drainage effect, which will be discussed more in one of the following posts. Precisely because of the use of wood, this method of massage has many more benefits and in addition to massage for relaxation we use it for aesthetic (breaking cellulite and fat and shaping the body) and health purposes (lymphatic drainage for poor circulation and excess water in the body).

Maderotherapy is a new approach in Ireland and it’s completely understandable that people are sometimes suspicious, but after first treatments all clients come back with smile on their faces to have a more natural treating for themselves.

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