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How women got their worst enemy – cellulite?

Once upon a time in the world of the bravest and most beautiful women, their ugly enemy appeared and affected the area of their legs, abdomen, waist and arms. They called it – cellulite! From the beginning, women were not happy with this ugly, often painful and unhealthy enemy on their body. They have been trying for years to get rid of it by various methods, but never fully succeeded. Cellulite has always been a winner. One day, they decided to put an end to this and their fight started with informing about cellulite.

First, they found out how it looks like. Cellulite consists of fatty deposits that become inflamed, swollen and come through the connective tissue just below the surface of the skin and leave unevenness on the skin. It is important to know that fat deposits in the deeper parts of the skin are enclosed in a kind of barrier that is surrounded by a thin layer of connective tissue. These barriers are separated from each other by collagen fibers that extend from the surface of the skin to the deeper layers. Fibrous tissues are shortened and thickened collagen fibers that pull the surface of the skin into the depths – towards the deeper tissues. This is how those dents appear in cellulite a concave shape that can look like holes in the skin. At the same time, the increased fat deposits push the skin upwards. The skin is usually less elastic and thinner when cellulite is visible, and oily deposits can be quite large. One in this way pushes the skin upwards and this is what creates the bumps on the skin.

After, they found out how cellulite varies by type. Cellulite differs through the stages it goes through and for this reason there are three types. First is aqueous cellulite, which is very soft. Cellulite is seen even without your pressure and pinching. This type of cellulite is usually due to circulation problems and sitting too much. Second is adipose cellulite (oily cellulite). It’s soft and does not hurt when pressed. It occurs on the hips and thighs and is caused by fat in the diet and lack of physical activity. Third one is fibrous cellulite, also called stubborn cellulite which it is hard to touch and creates a distinct orange peel appearance with large bumps and that’s a type of cellulite has formed and accumulated for years.

At the end, they found out that cellulite is caused by: hormonal changes brought on by aging, improper diet, insufficient water intake, insufficient movement and genetic factors. There is not just one reason that causes cellulite so it is not enough to attack it from just one angle to get rid of it. Which will be written more about in the next post.

Now that we know what the enemy looks like and how we get it, are you ready to get rid of it?

Tea Jaksic, Qualified maderothrapist

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